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Carbon Capture Project In Canadian Energy Sector

Carbon Capture Project In Canadian Energy Sector

 My my firm, Water Damage Restoration in Toronto, has been contracted to source Indigenous partners for a series of carbon capture projects in Alberta. The Client has earmarked a total of $2 million for Indigenous partners of four $500,000 investment blocks, at $1.25 per share (400,000 shares per block.) Indigenous strategic partners can be Aboriginal Economic Development Corporations (AEDCs), Aboriginal Financial Institutions (AFIs), or  Indigenous owned privately controlled corporations. 

A description of the project, technology, processes, and team experience are below, specific information is available for serious potential candidates upon signing an initial meeting with our team, and initial due diligence. There is significant competition for investment in this project. The technology being used has been developed, patented, and commercialized by two of the Global Major energy companies, but it is the first time it will be deployed in Canada. 
Contracts are in place for the technology, the input stock of carbon dioxide from several major industrial polluters, purchase agreements for the supply of output, and leading engineering and construction management firms to oversee the project development.  The project has gone through a successful first investment round, which included a substantial investment by a leading Indigenous economic development corporation, and the project is being financed by a leading global resource development bank. 
According to the Canadian Council of Aboriginal Business’s report, Aboriginal Economic Developmental Corporation Capacity, the majority of AEDCs have partnership agreements with non-Indigenous businesses, and one of the top hurdles is lack of access to new viable business opportunities. This is a cornerstone of Fourth World’s business: deal sourcing, and intermediation. Connecting reputable businesses, and Corporate Government Units (CGUs) including Indigenous, with opportunities in funding, infrastructure, and other initiatives that advance all parties interests in a mutually beneficial way. 

Project Description: Breakthrough Green Energy Technology Investment Overview:
Onsite refinery captures 90-95% of carbon dioxide from combustion inside heat & electricity generation plants, pulp & paper mills and cement factories and combines emitted waste Carbon Dioxide (CO2) with natural gas (CH4) to produce super clean environmentally friendly automotive gasoline. The process produces a 100% reduction in carbon tax at each capital site and up to 25% overall reduction in CO2 emissions.
This technology is a novel, new innovation in process design using proven technology and patents have been filed. The unique process uses 4 commercially proven steps that are operating in many mega plants around the world. Design & construction is being delivered by several global majors, each step under guarantee and EPC engineering wrap. ZERO technology risk.
$80 million annual profit per site, 20-30 year lifespan
200+ viable sites in Canada, 5000+ sites worldwide
CAP-X $200 Million, 2.8 year capital payback model
4 Founders, 150+ years combined industry experience
100% capital payback in 6-12 months
$1.50 dividend per share per project in the first 10 years. $3.00 per share per project in year 11
We are offering preferential access to projects geographic areas of our partners 
One time opportunity to own a part of the parent company.

Fourth World: Company Description & Indigenous Services
Our firm has built out the largest proprietary data system of governments in Canada including their physical assets, financial statements, and intergovernmental financial relations. Including >17,000 schools organized by school board, ~4,000 Indigenous organizations, communities, and businesses, >4,000 construction companies, and catalogued funding programs from the likes of Indigenous Services Canada (ISC), Canadian Infrastructure Bank (CIB), and provincial funding programs.
 I have attached a sample data report for your interest on Osoyoos Indian Band in BC. 
We can generate these reports on all First Nations, school boards, health authorities, and other government entities in Canada. This data is used proprietarily for our firm and our partners for the stated aim above of creating mutually beneficial economic opportunities such as financing, sourcing strategic partners, and valued added services.

Of interest to you, is our (IU) platform which is currently being developed, and will be launched in 2022. Indigenous Union is the consolidation of our Indigenous services and data including communication, financial and economic data, and is stacked with a contract management system to handle transaction flows. We are actively seeking Indigenous partners for the project including investors, suppliers, and customers.

If you are interested in this project or are interested in Fourth World’s services please respond to this email and we will set up a meeting to discuss some potential synergies.

ISC Housing Project Information Stacked on Indigenous Geolocations


Economic data is not exclusive to Indigenous. Have the entire Canadian Public Sector Ecosystem. Distribution of Canadian Infrastructure Bank (CIB) Project Funding by Province

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